Friday, June 6, 2014


LOST IN THE WOODS - Gladwin JR Manuel

‘With night closing in around her, Cassi gave up and went down on her knees.
Tears rolled down her cheek as she uttered a word of prayer. With all hope lost, she slumped to the ground, obvious to the fact that with the night around the corner, it will be impossible for anyone to find her. She knew that it will be a matter of time before the wild animals found her.
But someone else found her first - The guy she disliked and hated the most...’
The story revolves around these two young people, as they fight their own emotions and try to survive the night. Things turn around for the worst when their paths cross with poachers.

Even through the darkest hour, Cassi understands what love really is. And it is this new found understanding of love and God that gives her strength to face her fears.

Monday, May 26, 2014


Swirling, tossed about, 
Churning in a storm of doubt
Patched ground longs for rain
River turns to waste
Fish takes one final breath
Wriggling to survive fighting death
Dry skies, merciless beats down
As green meadows turns brown
Death Death Death
The sun a molten gold
Fury untold
No respite even for the old
Death Death Death
Another life bites the dust
Churning in the storm of doubt
Madness recoils and snatches lives
Love lost will not be found
In this dry desert ground
Death Death Death
Another life bites the dust
Widening, death’s fangs reaches out
All hope lost in this doubt
Death Death Death
Marches unopposed with a shout
Vultures swarm the skies
Love cries
Death Death Death
Love bites the dust
And what remains is
Dust Dust Dust!!!