Sunday, November 15, 2009


It seems just like yesterday
We met
The fun laughter we shared
Now things have changed

We become so numb
We can’t feel each others
Pain, can’t understand
This thing, this feeling…..

The sound of your voice
Your eyes
Searching me deep within
Soothing, comforting, healing, but now….

Can’t you see
I can’t live without you
I can’t breathe without you
I’m crying, I’m falling, hey my heart
Is calling…

You become so numb
You can’t feel my
Pain, can’t understand
This thing, this feeling…

Letter to an athiest-

*Well I swear the Jest be laughable,
Such plain audacity is hard to come by these days.
Well I dare say lady thou has indeed made a point,
But therein stating your mind as being brutally honest let me assume that ye knowest thyself too well to be bothered by such far-fetched assumptions as this chap has brought forth.

'Let me skip a bit, and hop a little, and wink a wee bit and see you giggle'
But in sooth well ye ain't anywhere close to anyone who crossed my path-
I however must state Dear Lady that you do seem to have a concern of me spilling over- Which I did figure out in my weak feeble mind eventually

Well time makes and breaks friends, emotions goes beyond and creates a stir-
A high assumption of love, a very dangerous path to tread, when one gives away the heart to some unknown creature, with tongues flickering, sweet flattery and dead promises- that too is far fetched and a painful illusion - a pain

But this Segreto of 'Pain' comes from thine experience of having dealt with minds ye presumes is mine-
By two faced coin, doesn't have one a reason to be honest and open- and at the same time know the other side of care and concern- or radical illusion of the mind has little arms to know the ways of God and His creation- "well she thinks I will be a pain-she does Glad"-I say to myself-"well does she know me - and does she know I am where she comes from..."- pain, there isn't a word to describe pain in its monstrous forms of betrayal- pain, there isn't a place in this world to find a place that doesn't grow it in forms of rape, murder, misuse, force and a gentle tongue that has power to build and to destroy- wait- pain- interesting the way she puts it in a bottle and throws it into the sea, expecting for a rescue in forms to take her to a safer place as - no pain.

Let me put it this way I aint your type- and ye are not a 'Femme fatalle." for me to be scared of falling for-that's far fetched- but then doesn't mean we 'act' be friends. Every friendship starts somewhere and ends somewhere.
And I might eventually-over do it. Well over-do is a word that has different meanings in different forms and means different to different people. I don't know what you meant by that- I must assume you mean that I might try to force you to believe and accept my thoughts about God- well girl- you know yourself too well that no one can force anything on you. No-I love debating and 'conversations' but then you can't force me to believe I am God and that there is no God-or me to force you to believe - that there is a force- a spirit that binds everything together, and holds the course of its destinations, where time is real not an illusion, just as love which is real but an illusion in this present world- I speak of this force as an ominous potent, omnipotent awesome force that even the best of minds could never fathom...

and on those lines let me take your leave- I too love conversations...I too find em fascinating. But me going over board must not bother you a wee bit cause that won't change your state of mind unless you realize yourself that God does exist? I must say lets try to be friends- and see where this leads us or lasts- lets not kill something as beautiful as trust by assumptions and unheard reasons. I however want you to know that I am a mind of free thoughts of beliefs- I been through all those books and I find em interesting- questions still unanswered- I even went as far as writing a book -DOES GOD REALLY EXIST? IF HE DOES HE MUST BE THE BIGGEST MARSHMALLOW FELLOW, MASS MURDER WHO EVER PULLED AND AXE...Eventually when you seek for the truth-the truth will set you free.

Friday, November 13, 2009

Bell tolls

The bell tolls so soft it can’t be heard
Besides the river; beneath the ocean
Against the roots of the mountain
Beneath its bed; hard, hurting bed….

The river roars
The ocean boils
The mountain smiles
The bell still tolls-

Beside the river; beneath the ocean
Against the roots of the mountain
Beneath its bed; hard, hurting bed

The river dries
The ocean is now ice
The mountain, old, rugged smiles
The bell still tolls

If only the bell was heard
The sweet music of love
The wind would have carried
And buried this vow…

Beside the river; beneath the ocean
Against the roots of the mountain
Beneath its bed; hard, hurting bed
The bell still tolls

The sound of sweet music
A heart full of dreams
The sound of his voice
Still tolls it seems

A love beneath the ocean
Beside a fresh stream
Underneath the mountain
Will toll forever and redeem
This dream…


G Em
Remember the day we met
It was my dream come true
To see an angel
I had been waiting for
all my life…..

I used to pray every day
That God will make you mine someday
That this is all I want
All I ask all I need
The reason to believe

The angel I had been waiting for
My hopes my dreams my life
I saw my future
In her eyes

Now I thank the lord for his silence
She is not the angel
I’d been waiting for all my life…

And I know one day
I’ll introduce her to my wife
And when she walks away, I’ll know
She is not the angel
I’d been waiting for
All my life

Yes God knows, he understands
But he knows what’s best
In our hands
His silence doesn’t mean he doesn’t care
He knows my angel
Before I met her

I thank God
For unanswered prayers
Are gifts from above
To show us he knows
They are the best gift of love


The world is spinning upside down
How we are stuck to the ground
The G-FORCE holding our feet
From beneath

Even small molecules bond
By the cohesive bond
Holding them together


The force is strong
The force is deep
This force was there right from start
And it lives right inside your heart

Can you feel this force inside?
Can you feel it holding you tight?
Something within us is good
It is what makes us understood

G-FORCE is what I am talking about
It lives inside every creation
The hand of God, his word
His breath in every invention

Man is destroying, wiping out
Everything in his lust
But still the world is renewed every day
The G-FORCE is still making a way

Children of the king

Have you ever wondered
Who you are
The person you know inside
All you have to do is
Close your eyes
Breathe his love

Yeah you are special
Made in the image of God
His breath in you
Will life renew

All you have to do
Is change the old for new

Give him your heart
Not just a part
Give him your best
And be at rest
He will take you
Mold you, make you
The most beautiful thing
In all creation

All you have to do
Is change the old for new

There are people perishing
Not knowing
That they are the children
Of the almighty king

All you have to do
Is change the old for new

Wednesday, November 11, 2009


‘Change is inevitable’, seems to be the modern day acceptance of something that goes out of control. The locus of a point shifts from trust to heartbreaks and to mistrust and eventually into depression and loneliness. Does the phrase “I am right in the middle of the crowd and yet feel lonely…” seem familiar to you? Welcome on board to the phase of modern world generation. Don’t be surprised if you find your friends in the same platform too. Welcome to the age where dreams are but dreams that get blown away by the storms of life. But the question is where are you when this is happening to you?

It wasn’t long before when the world seemed a large place, where few friends we knew meant the world to us. But now it gets shorter and shorter and your friends’ circle grows by the day. And yet, you feel lonely, rejected and used. That’s the truth all of us have to face. It is one thing to grow through it, another thing to come out of it. ‘Today’s friends are tomorrow’s strangers’. That is what life teaches us, to move on. Sometimes hanging in there make us look like fools.

But let us not forget the utmost importance of us in this world is not how much money we made, but how many hearts we had won. Relationships are the most important purpose of our life, but in this modern world people hardly seem to have time for Relationships. They get caught in the web of being busy that they suddenly wake up from a dream and realize that all they been working for was not for themselves but for others. But the truth is’ the others’ whom they were working for are no more with them. It is sadly the pattern of Life that goes around in a city that is on the history of having Metros and Fast Life, a city known for its fast developments and for future of India. A city that offers illusions and delusions on a platter, where pub culture is the talk of the town, where the most number of suicides take place and most of them are young aspirants who come here and get entangled in its pace that they forget who they are and at the end of the day mess up their life. The only thing that comes to their mind is suicide. Where is the picture of Love, Acceptance and Belonging in this whole place?

“Love is also spelled as TIME”. Unfortunately we have become so engrossed in our own fragments of our own small life that we loose the criteria of the utmost importance of Friendship, Family and People. We have reached a plateau where Love is but a dream, its true form being tampered and meddled with, that leaves a ghastly hole at the end of it all. The gyre of hopelessness and helplessness, the torment of loneliness, frustration and rejection has made life meaningless. Where are we going?

The moment we realize that we live not for ourselves but for others is the day when we really start living. It isn’t so much about sacrifice, but it is everything about Love. Love needs space in this cramped city. Love needs to take root in this fast western culture. Love needs to express and expand and reach out to those who are at the verge of ending their life. Love needs to break through the situations and through barriers of every culture, caste and creed. Love needs to take flight and carry our dreams with it, to catch the maker and to bring hope and a bright future. Love needs to expound and bring a change where people are not machines but people who feel, react and respond. Love needs to generate oneness and unity. Let Love get a chance. Let it be born in us. Give Love a Chance.

And when it grows let us dream and this time we know we do not dream alone. And let us hope, this time we know we do not hope alone. Let us Love and know that we are loved.

Rise up India, Rise up as one.

“Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Gladwin Manuel

Sunday, November 8, 2009

Solace-Buried in the bed of roses

I walk through the crowd seeing new faces all around
But tell me where will I find someone like you gal
My heart is heavy; my spirit is shattered to the ground
I lost my grip I hit the floor, lost in this lonely world.

No one knows what it’s like to be desperate heart
No one knows what I am feeling inside
I have lost it all to you, all my part
There’s nothing I own, nothing I am without you beside

I stay awake listening to my heart beats calling your name
When I shut my eyes I am lost and no one can find me
I don’t want to open my eyes for I see you so close
I feel every breath, I feel every touch, I see every smile

I try to run, run away, run away from you, but in vain
The sound of your sweet voice within
The smell of love within me breathing
Can’t you see the pain?

I can’t live a life without you, can’t dream
I can’t do anything; I will drown in the flood
My heart is bleeding within, drowning in its blood
I love you baby, always I’ll be there

I’ll be there till the stars don’t shine,
Till the cosmos falls, coz I love you all the time
Any time, till the time itself ends,
Till this life within bends, till itself ends.

Doesn’t love over come all these temporary features,
Doesn’t it over come lust greed and pleasures
Doesn’t it always mean more than what it really means?
Doesn’t love over come all these things, coz love always wins

But you say to run away, run away from you
Coz if that’s what makes you happy, I’ll do
Even if it rips my heart, shatters my dreams
I’ll do it for you, and I know that my love will be buried…………..

In the bed of roses……………………….


Solace-Buried in the bed of roses

Wednesday, November 4, 2009


1. I lay looking at the stars
The odor of sweet flowers
The soft grass, whispering soft breeze
Radiant silver moonlight
The rustling hustling of leaves

I hear them singing and saying
I hear them praying
I hear them shouting
Blessed is the name
The name above all names

As they sing my heart rejoices
For he has saved my soul
And I join with their voices
And thank him for making me whole

2. I walk down the mountain side
The fresh morning breeze
The sun behind the punge clouds hide
The soft sand under my heels
The tall dancing trees and humming bees

My god is a god of power
And I have nothing to fear
He takes care of me every day every hour
And is always near

I talk to him every day
I sing and I pray
He makes my life so beautiful
And covers me with love and care

I trust him more and more
As I taste his love
He is so faithful and true
And will never ever leave me now

Last night I was in tears
All hope was gone
Now I have no strength
To carry me on

The world closed around me
And darkness surrounds me

And then I came to you
My Lord
You changed my tears into Joy
And now my heart is singing


How beautiful the Landscape
The tips white with Snow
The beautiful Backwaters right below
The Red Sand stretching the West
Silver and white the shimmering Night
The Sunrise bringing New Life

How powerful the Lion
Its Gold fur capturing the Sun
His paws so strong
What about the Stripped One
And the Cheetah and the Bear
Exquisite Colorful Birds that rule the Air

How awesome must have been its Sculptor
How long did He take to make
The Ever Flowing Rivers
The beautiful Mountains Cape
The red brown Soil with Gold tint in it
And the wonderful beautiful People with High Spirits

They smile like the Sun
And give like none
They Protect their LAND
More then their loved ones
They Fight till Death
And rest for ever in their Mother’s Bed

I salute Tipu You were so Brave
Your blood still runs in Us
The love for Your Country
Will ever boil in Us

I salute You Akbar
The keeper of the Lions
Shah Jahan the Great lover
Whose Spirit still soars in our Hearts…

Mahatma Gandhi Your Blood gave us Freedom
Your high standards and Patriotism
Your love for the down trodden and the Weak
Of You the whole mankind still with wonder speaks

Where the most Beautiful Maidens still trod
Their hair flowing so gently
As smooth as Velvet
Their skin so Soft and Warm
Their Hearts so Loyal and Strong

This LAND where Love still soars
And where Young Blood boils with Passion
Where the Tricolor Flag flies with Pride
Lifting our Hearts to the Heavens
And our Spirit rides and Soars
This LAND is mine- I AM An Indian
----------------GLADWIN MANUEL-------------



The sun has set on my dreams
As I try to rekindle the flame
The night is so cold
‘Twas better then ingratitude of man
My flame so small
Flickers and wishes to die
As it faces high winds

But somehow hope rekindles
The small flame flickers and fights
To face the storm

Alone it has no chance
Loneliness Kills.

But somewhere and somehow
Hope springs up and takes flight
As it touches the sky
Soaring to meet its maker
And suddenly
The storm dies
The wind cease
The flame rekindles

Gladwin Manuel

The land of love

I wish I was born
In a country far away
Where sun never sets
And the moon never hides
Where the river’s full of honey
And the mountains full of life

I wish there I would fall in love
With an angel (you) from above
Walk hand in hand
Sing along below the bright sky
Where the breeze passes by
Whispering words of love

I wish I could walk down the mountain side
Hand in hand with her
To the place where the sun seems to hide
When night beckons his bed
There beside the stream I will have a word with him
Remind him of our wedding to forge us a ring

I wish I could dance along
In the moonlight
Where the time stands still
The sun hides behind the clouds and smiles
And the moon throws down her silver cloak
As I kiss her to bliss

See her blush as I look into her dark brown eyes
Where nothing hinders us
Where love is strong and lasts forever
Where God is our friend
The reverend who will betroth us
And bless us till no end

There where love is love
And angels come from above
For our wedding
The heavenly choir singing
As we dance the ball
Endless music and feasting the whole day

Then the grass and roses spread their bed
Stars cover and the moon her cloak over our head
The sun sends a fire glowing blue green red
The breeze stands still
And there we will - lie and make our home
In The land of love
…………..--GLADWIN MANUEL………….


Since I am coming to your Holy place,
Wherein then with thy saints I bow,
Before thy holy throne, and worship-
I shall be made thy music, as I come

Look at me Lord I’m in shreds
Tune this instrument,
Fix these broken strings
So that this music will be best- for my king

Look Lord I’m so unworthy-
To stand here before thy throne
To look at your face
To kneel at Thy Holy ground

We think-Christ Cross and Adam’s tree stood in one place
Look, Lord, find both Adam’s met in me
As the first Adam’s sweat surrounds my face
May the last Adam’s blood my soul embrace…

By these thorns I exchange for a crown
By His blood alone I come before Thy throne
By His power I take my stand at hells gate
To snatch souls from satans bait

Thy throne is all I seek
To sit right there at your feet
Lord raise this the world has thrown down
That people may see the God I known

Be this my text, my sermon
That I’ll be rooted to the ground
By our lives I pray
That our city will EMBRACE our God one day……

*Gladwin Manuel*

You are my God

The Israelites cried out in fear
When they heard their enemy so near
They were trapped, the Red sea…..
Behind them and their enemy
Closing, shouting, aiming to kill; that day
When all hopes were lost, You made a way
You parted the Red sea, killed all Your enemy

When Joshua cried out to You
‘Lord we are here, what must we do’
You answered, and did the most amazing
They obeyed and praised You around
The walls of Jericho, seven times, down crumbling
Your enemies were defeated, at Your sound. That day
You conquered Your enemies, made a way.

When Asa cried out to You
‘O Lord please come to my rescue
The enemies are closing on all sides
You are my hope, to You my heart cries out’
You answered and threw Your enemies-
Into confusion, they ran away
Victory belonged to You. That day You made a way.

When man had no hope, their soul…
Called out to You, and behold
You did the impossible by sending-
Your only Son into this world, bringing
Your hope , Your LOVE. That day
On the Cross of Calvary
You made a way

Why Lord why this pain this agony?
People look at my life and laugh
Why Your Rod and Your Staff
Sometimes leaves me to struggle
Why this pain this agony this struggle?

You seem to be so far away from me
So far that my eyes cannot see
Some times Your promises seems to be-
So far away, far away from me
So far from me, You seem to be.

Is it your will that I must fall in LOVE
Even though I know, she isn’t for me
Why did you bring me here to get trapped in a snare?
Now she’s gone so far stripping me of my happiness
Leaving me bare

But my hope is in thee, my rock my salvation
I will not despair nor faint or weary
For Your promises endures forever
You won’t leave me, never, surely
My rock my salvation

Make a way for me in this river
River of pain, lost hopes and dreams
I will trust in You, drink from Your streams
Streams of life, hope and promises
Make a way for me Lord

And behold Lord Your LOVE endures forever
You are the same yesterday today and forever
The Almighty God, Wonderful Savior, forever
Enthroned in Glory and Majesty forever
Crowned with many Crowns, You reign forever
God of impossibilities, God of small things, forever
You are the same, forever and ever and forever

When this humble child of Yours calls out
‘My God, My Savior I shout
Come to my rescue, make a way
Lord I need you, only a word if You say
The mountains departs, the seas roars,
The sky rolls, You can open any doors. This day
My Lord, My God, My King, My Hope


Victory belongs to You forever
I know You’ll never fail me, never
Your promises are true forever
Please make a way too, somehow. Forever
You reign in My Heart, forever
I’ll praise You, proclaim Your wonders, forever
With thanksgiving, music and the best part, forever
Will be My life a LIVING SACRIFICE to Thee, now and forever. AMEN


Love Untouched

Flowing down like a river
So beautiful her hair
Brown eyes, makes me shiver` ` ` `
So bountiful, so clear `
The smell of thousand rose’s ` ` ` `
Voice of silver bells `
Lips drowned in honey ` `
Her eyes leaps, searches and tells- `

Dreams and fantasies ` `
Of love and angels
Fairytales and magic
Fills the air `

As smooth as velvet ` `
Dressed in gold
Crown and bracelet
Her skin, her temple ` `

So elegant full of grace ` `
She walks and moves `
The sun shining from her face ` `
Her touch so soft, healing- pain removes ` `
` ` `
` `
The smell of her sweet fragrance still lingers ` `
The warmth of her touch ` `
The light of her radiance `
Is but a dream of love untouched… `
` `
This fair princess I love `
She came into my life ` `
Out of no where, I know I’m hers
But here I am still waiting longing for her embrace. ` `

Flames of love

“Let not waters rise beyond the shore
To touch my tired feet
Let not the cold soothing waves
Take away all the pain….

Let not the sun
Smile down on me-anymore
Let it not take away the cold
The shadow that bears down on me….”

You say, but today the sea and the sun
Is made for you and me, you know…

To love and be loved
Is like standing
In the hot desert-lost
But we have nothing to fear
The sun is there to guide us
And once we reach the shore
The waters will heal us
And fill us with hope…

Look you in the mirror
The flame that once raged with vigor,
Passion hope and love
Has been extinguished by some bad timber

Look behind those dark lines
Love can stir the dead from the grave
Can stoop as low as death to save
Fling upon the gates of hope
And soar towards eternity
Heal the soul and mind
A new future awaits the dawn….
The night left behind

Why revert to such degrees of obstinance,
In fear
When the future is safe in Gods hands,
-For ever…..


There is a whisper on the trees
A song softly hummed by the bees
The wild roses smile with pride
They all had witnessed
Something precious created in their wild

A Pearl-

As beautiful and gorgeous as the wild roses
With voice as smooth as trees
Whisper and humming of the bees
Her laughter ringing a chime

The moon shred his silver on her
The sun adorned her his simper
The birds knit her hair together
The lily accrued her veil

The shoal gave her a flow
As elegant as a princess
The sea sought to give her eyes
A crystal so clear so deep

Yeah! There is something about this girl
She is not of this world
Something so beautiful so unique
So secret so precious and yet meek

She has a wand in her hand
To spread out an atmosphere of gay
Anyone who comes across her
Will never forget that precious day

So kind, so gentle
A heart of a mother
So sweet, Princess fettle
But beware when she roars a little

She is of the wild alright
She must be thus unique
But when she forgets who she is
Her God She must seek

He knitted her together
Breathed life in her
She is best of His creation
So precious, that he loves her so much

Let her look to him
When she finds no one else
Let she look to him
Even for simple things…

*Gladwin Manuel*

Love Untouched

Flowing down like a river
So beautiful her hair
Hey eyes, makes me shiver` ` ` `
So bountiful, so clear `
The smell of thousand rose’s ` ` ` `
Voice of silver bells `
Lips drowned in honey ` `
Her eyes leaps, searches and tells- `

Dreams and fantasies ` `
Of love and angels
Fairytales and magic
Fills the air `

As smooth as velvet ` `
Dressed in gold
Crown and bracelet
Her skin, her temple ` `

So elegant full of grace ` `
She walks and moves `
The sun shining from her face ` `
Her touch so soft, healing- pain removes ` `
` ` `
` `
The smell of her sweet fragrance still lingers ` `
The warmth of her touch ` `
The light of her radiance `
Is but a dream of love untouched… `
` `
This fair princess I love `
She came into my life ` `
Out of no where, I know I’m hers
But here I am still waiting longing for her embrace. ` `