Wednesday, November 4, 2009


How beautiful the Landscape
The tips white with Snow
The beautiful Backwaters right below
The Red Sand stretching the West
Silver and white the shimmering Night
The Sunrise bringing New Life

How powerful the Lion
Its Gold fur capturing the Sun
His paws so strong
What about the Stripped One
And the Cheetah and the Bear
Exquisite Colorful Birds that rule the Air

How awesome must have been its Sculptor
How long did He take to make
The Ever Flowing Rivers
The beautiful Mountains Cape
The red brown Soil with Gold tint in it
And the wonderful beautiful People with High Spirits

They smile like the Sun
And give like none
They Protect their LAND
More then their loved ones
They Fight till Death
And rest for ever in their Mother’s Bed

I salute Tipu You were so Brave
Your blood still runs in Us
The love for Your Country
Will ever boil in Us

I salute You Akbar
The keeper of the Lions
Shah Jahan the Great lover
Whose Spirit still soars in our Hearts…

Mahatma Gandhi Your Blood gave us Freedom
Your high standards and Patriotism
Your love for the down trodden and the Weak
Of You the whole mankind still with wonder speaks

Where the most Beautiful Maidens still trod
Their hair flowing so gently
As smooth as Velvet
Their skin so Soft and Warm
Their Hearts so Loyal and Strong

This LAND where Love still soars
And where Young Blood boils with Passion
Where the Tricolor Flag flies with Pride
Lifting our Hearts to the Heavens
And our Spirit rides and Soars
This LAND is mine- I AM An Indian
----------------GLADWIN MANUEL-------------

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