Wednesday, November 4, 2009


1. I lay looking at the stars
The odor of sweet flowers
The soft grass, whispering soft breeze
Radiant silver moonlight
The rustling hustling of leaves

I hear them singing and saying
I hear them praying
I hear them shouting
Blessed is the name
The name above all names

As they sing my heart rejoices
For he has saved my soul
And I join with their voices
And thank him for making me whole

2. I walk down the mountain side
The fresh morning breeze
The sun behind the punge clouds hide
The soft sand under my heels
The tall dancing trees and humming bees

My god is a god of power
And I have nothing to fear
He takes care of me every day every hour
And is always near

I talk to him every day
I sing and I pray
He makes my life so beautiful
And covers me with love and care

I trust him more and more
As I taste his love
He is so faithful and true
And will never ever leave me now

Last night I was in tears
All hope was gone
Now I have no strength
To carry me on

The world closed around me
And darkness surrounds me

And then I came to you
My Lord
You changed my tears into Joy
And now my heart is singing

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