Wednesday, November 11, 2009


‘Change is inevitable’, seems to be the modern day acceptance of something that goes out of control. The locus of a point shifts from trust to heartbreaks and to mistrust and eventually into depression and loneliness. Does the phrase “I am right in the middle of the crowd and yet feel lonely…” seem familiar to you? Welcome on board to the phase of modern world generation. Don’t be surprised if you find your friends in the same platform too. Welcome to the age where dreams are but dreams that get blown away by the storms of life. But the question is where are you when this is happening to you?

It wasn’t long before when the world seemed a large place, where few friends we knew meant the world to us. But now it gets shorter and shorter and your friends’ circle grows by the day. And yet, you feel lonely, rejected and used. That’s the truth all of us have to face. It is one thing to grow through it, another thing to come out of it. ‘Today’s friends are tomorrow’s strangers’. That is what life teaches us, to move on. Sometimes hanging in there make us look like fools.

But let us not forget the utmost importance of us in this world is not how much money we made, but how many hearts we had won. Relationships are the most important purpose of our life, but in this modern world people hardly seem to have time for Relationships. They get caught in the web of being busy that they suddenly wake up from a dream and realize that all they been working for was not for themselves but for others. But the truth is’ the others’ whom they were working for are no more with them. It is sadly the pattern of Life that goes around in a city that is on the history of having Metros and Fast Life, a city known for its fast developments and for future of India. A city that offers illusions and delusions on a platter, where pub culture is the talk of the town, where the most number of suicides take place and most of them are young aspirants who come here and get entangled in its pace that they forget who they are and at the end of the day mess up their life. The only thing that comes to their mind is suicide. Where is the picture of Love, Acceptance and Belonging in this whole place?

“Love is also spelled as TIME”. Unfortunately we have become so engrossed in our own fragments of our own small life that we loose the criteria of the utmost importance of Friendship, Family and People. We have reached a plateau where Love is but a dream, its true form being tampered and meddled with, that leaves a ghastly hole at the end of it all. The gyre of hopelessness and helplessness, the torment of loneliness, frustration and rejection has made life meaningless. Where are we going?

The moment we realize that we live not for ourselves but for others is the day when we really start living. It isn’t so much about sacrifice, but it is everything about Love. Love needs space in this cramped city. Love needs to take root in this fast western culture. Love needs to express and expand and reach out to those who are at the verge of ending their life. Love needs to break through the situations and through barriers of every culture, caste and creed. Love needs to take flight and carry our dreams with it, to catch the maker and to bring hope and a bright future. Love needs to expound and bring a change where people are not machines but people who feel, react and respond. Love needs to generate oneness and unity. Let Love get a chance. Let it be born in us. Give Love a Chance.

And when it grows let us dream and this time we know we do not dream alone. And let us hope, this time we know we do not hope alone. Let us Love and know that we are loved.

Rise up India, Rise up as one.

“Love is the strongest force the world possesses, and yet it is the humblest imaginable.”
Mahatma Gandhi

Gladwin Manuel

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