Wednesday, November 4, 2009

You are my God

The Israelites cried out in fear
When they heard their enemy so near
They were trapped, the Red sea…..
Behind them and their enemy
Closing, shouting, aiming to kill; that day
When all hopes were lost, You made a way
You parted the Red sea, killed all Your enemy

When Joshua cried out to You
‘Lord we are here, what must we do’
You answered, and did the most amazing
They obeyed and praised You around
The walls of Jericho, seven times, down crumbling
Your enemies were defeated, at Your sound. That day
You conquered Your enemies, made a way.

When Asa cried out to You
‘O Lord please come to my rescue
The enemies are closing on all sides
You are my hope, to You my heart cries out’
You answered and threw Your enemies-
Into confusion, they ran away
Victory belonged to You. That day You made a way.

When man had no hope, their soul…
Called out to You, and behold
You did the impossible by sending-
Your only Son into this world, bringing
Your hope , Your LOVE. That day
On the Cross of Calvary
You made a way

Why Lord why this pain this agony?
People look at my life and laugh
Why Your Rod and Your Staff
Sometimes leaves me to struggle
Why this pain this agony this struggle?

You seem to be so far away from me
So far that my eyes cannot see
Some times Your promises seems to be-
So far away, far away from me
So far from me, You seem to be.

Is it your will that I must fall in LOVE
Even though I know, she isn’t for me
Why did you bring me here to get trapped in a snare?
Now she’s gone so far stripping me of my happiness
Leaving me bare

But my hope is in thee, my rock my salvation
I will not despair nor faint or weary
For Your promises endures forever
You won’t leave me, never, surely
My rock my salvation

Make a way for me in this river
River of pain, lost hopes and dreams
I will trust in You, drink from Your streams
Streams of life, hope and promises
Make a way for me Lord

And behold Lord Your LOVE endures forever
You are the same yesterday today and forever
The Almighty God, Wonderful Savior, forever
Enthroned in Glory and Majesty forever
Crowned with many Crowns, You reign forever
God of impossibilities, God of small things, forever
You are the same, forever and ever and forever

When this humble child of Yours calls out
‘My God, My Savior I shout
Come to my rescue, make a way
Lord I need you, only a word if You say
The mountains departs, the seas roars,
The sky rolls, You can open any doors. This day
My Lord, My God, My King, My Hope


Victory belongs to You forever
I know You’ll never fail me, never
Your promises are true forever
Please make a way too, somehow. Forever
You reign in My Heart, forever
I’ll praise You, proclaim Your wonders, forever
With thanksgiving, music and the best part, forever
Will be My life a LIVING SACRIFICE to Thee, now and forever. AMEN


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