Sunday, November 8, 2009

Solace-Buried in the bed of roses

I walk through the crowd seeing new faces all around
But tell me where will I find someone like you gal
My heart is heavy; my spirit is shattered to the ground
I lost my grip I hit the floor, lost in this lonely world.

No one knows what it’s like to be desperate heart
No one knows what I am feeling inside
I have lost it all to you, all my part
There’s nothing I own, nothing I am without you beside

I stay awake listening to my heart beats calling your name
When I shut my eyes I am lost and no one can find me
I don’t want to open my eyes for I see you so close
I feel every breath, I feel every touch, I see every smile

I try to run, run away, run away from you, but in vain
The sound of your sweet voice within
The smell of love within me breathing
Can’t you see the pain?

I can’t live a life without you, can’t dream
I can’t do anything; I will drown in the flood
My heart is bleeding within, drowning in its blood
I love you baby, always I’ll be there

I’ll be there till the stars don’t shine,
Till the cosmos falls, coz I love you all the time
Any time, till the time itself ends,
Till this life within bends, till itself ends.

Doesn’t love over come all these temporary features,
Doesn’t it over come lust greed and pleasures
Doesn’t it always mean more than what it really means?
Doesn’t love over come all these things, coz love always wins

But you say to run away, run away from you
Coz if that’s what makes you happy, I’ll do
Even if it rips my heart, shatters my dreams
I’ll do it for you, and I know that my love will be buried…………..

In the bed of roses……………………….


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