Sunday, November 15, 2009

Letter to an athiest-

*Well I swear the Jest be laughable,
Such plain audacity is hard to come by these days.
Well I dare say lady thou has indeed made a point,
But therein stating your mind as being brutally honest let me assume that ye knowest thyself too well to be bothered by such far-fetched assumptions as this chap has brought forth.

'Let me skip a bit, and hop a little, and wink a wee bit and see you giggle'
But in sooth well ye ain't anywhere close to anyone who crossed my path-
I however must state Dear Lady that you do seem to have a concern of me spilling over- Which I did figure out in my weak feeble mind eventually

Well time makes and breaks friends, emotions goes beyond and creates a stir-
A high assumption of love, a very dangerous path to tread, when one gives away the heart to some unknown creature, with tongues flickering, sweet flattery and dead promises- that too is far fetched and a painful illusion - a pain

But this Segreto of 'Pain' comes from thine experience of having dealt with minds ye presumes is mine-
By two faced coin, doesn't have one a reason to be honest and open- and at the same time know the other side of care and concern- or radical illusion of the mind has little arms to know the ways of God and His creation- "well she thinks I will be a pain-she does Glad"-I say to myself-"well does she know me - and does she know I am where she comes from..."- pain, there isn't a word to describe pain in its monstrous forms of betrayal- pain, there isn't a place in this world to find a place that doesn't grow it in forms of rape, murder, misuse, force and a gentle tongue that has power to build and to destroy- wait- pain- interesting the way she puts it in a bottle and throws it into the sea, expecting for a rescue in forms to take her to a safer place as - no pain.

Let me put it this way I aint your type- and ye are not a 'Femme fatalle." for me to be scared of falling for-that's far fetched- but then doesn't mean we 'act' be friends. Every friendship starts somewhere and ends somewhere.
And I might eventually-over do it. Well over-do is a word that has different meanings in different forms and means different to different people. I don't know what you meant by that- I must assume you mean that I might try to force you to believe and accept my thoughts about God- well girl- you know yourself too well that no one can force anything on you. No-I love debating and 'conversations' but then you can't force me to believe I am God and that there is no God-or me to force you to believe - that there is a force- a spirit that binds everything together, and holds the course of its destinations, where time is real not an illusion, just as love which is real but an illusion in this present world- I speak of this force as an ominous potent, omnipotent awesome force that even the best of minds could never fathom...

and on those lines let me take your leave- I too love conversations...I too find em fascinating. But me going over board must not bother you a wee bit cause that won't change your state of mind unless you realize yourself that God does exist? I must say lets try to be friends- and see where this leads us or lasts- lets not kill something as beautiful as trust by assumptions and unheard reasons. I however want you to know that I am a mind of free thoughts of beliefs- I been through all those books and I find em interesting- questions still unanswered- I even went as far as writing a book -DOES GOD REALLY EXIST? IF HE DOES HE MUST BE THE BIGGEST MARSHMALLOW FELLOW, MASS MURDER WHO EVER PULLED AND AXE...Eventually when you seek for the truth-the truth will set you free.

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