Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Flames of love

“Let not waters rise beyond the shore
To touch my tired feet
Let not the cold soothing waves
Take away all the pain….

Let not the sun
Smile down on me-anymore
Let it not take away the cold
The shadow that bears down on me….”

You say, but today the sea and the sun
Is made for you and me, you know…

To love and be loved
Is like standing
In the hot desert-lost
But we have nothing to fear
The sun is there to guide us
And once we reach the shore
The waters will heal us
And fill us with hope…

Look you in the mirror
The flame that once raged with vigor,
Passion hope and love
Has been extinguished by some bad timber

Look behind those dark lines
Love can stir the dead from the grave
Can stoop as low as death to save
Fling upon the gates of hope
And soar towards eternity
Heal the soul and mind
A new future awaits the dawn….
The night left behind

Why revert to such degrees of obstinance,
In fear
When the future is safe in Gods hands,
-For ever…..

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