Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The land of love

I wish I was born
In a country far away
Where sun never sets
And the moon never hides
Where the river’s full of honey
And the mountains full of life

I wish there I would fall in love
With an angel (you) from above
Walk hand in hand
Sing along below the bright sky
Where the breeze passes by
Whispering words of love

I wish I could walk down the mountain side
Hand in hand with her
To the place where the sun seems to hide
When night beckons his bed
There beside the stream I will have a word with him
Remind him of our wedding to forge us a ring

I wish I could dance along
In the moonlight
Where the time stands still
The sun hides behind the clouds and smiles
And the moon throws down her silver cloak
As I kiss her to bliss

See her blush as I look into her dark brown eyes
Where nothing hinders us
Where love is strong and lasts forever
Where God is our friend
The reverend who will betroth us
And bless us till no end

There where love is love
And angels come from above
For our wedding
The heavenly choir singing
As we dance the ball
Endless music and feasting the whole day

Then the grass and roses spread their bed
Stars cover and the moon her cloak over our head
The sun sends a fire glowing blue green red
The breeze stands still
And there we will - lie and make our home
In The land of love
…………..--GLADWIN MANUEL………….

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