Friday, November 13, 2009


G Em
Remember the day we met
It was my dream come true
To see an angel
I had been waiting for
all my life…..

I used to pray every day
That God will make you mine someday
That this is all I want
All I ask all I need
The reason to believe

The angel I had been waiting for
My hopes my dreams my life
I saw my future
In her eyes

Now I thank the lord for his silence
She is not the angel
I’d been waiting for all my life…

And I know one day
I’ll introduce her to my wife
And when she walks away, I’ll know
She is not the angel
I’d been waiting for
All my life

Yes God knows, he understands
But he knows what’s best
In our hands
His silence doesn’t mean he doesn’t care
He knows my angel
Before I met her

I thank God
For unanswered prayers
Are gifts from above
To show us he knows
They are the best gift of love

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