Wednesday, November 4, 2009


Since I am coming to your Holy place,
Wherein then with thy saints I bow,
Before thy holy throne, and worship-
I shall be made thy music, as I come

Look at me Lord I’m in shreds
Tune this instrument,
Fix these broken strings
So that this music will be best- for my king

Look Lord I’m so unworthy-
To stand here before thy throne
To look at your face
To kneel at Thy Holy ground

We think-Christ Cross and Adam’s tree stood in one place
Look, Lord, find both Adam’s met in me
As the first Adam’s sweat surrounds my face
May the last Adam’s blood my soul embrace…

By these thorns I exchange for a crown
By His blood alone I come before Thy throne
By His power I take my stand at hells gate
To snatch souls from satans bait

Thy throne is all I seek
To sit right there at your feet
Lord raise this the world has thrown down
That people may see the God I known

Be this my text, my sermon
That I’ll be rooted to the ground
By our lives I pray
That our city will EMBRACE our God one day……

*Gladwin Manuel*

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