Wednesday, November 4, 2009


There is a whisper on the trees
A song softly hummed by the bees
The wild roses smile with pride
They all had witnessed
Something precious created in their wild

A Pearl-

As beautiful and gorgeous as the wild roses
With voice as smooth as trees
Whisper and humming of the bees
Her laughter ringing a chime

The moon shred his silver on her
The sun adorned her his simper
The birds knit her hair together
The lily accrued her veil

The shoal gave her a flow
As elegant as a princess
The sea sought to give her eyes
A crystal so clear so deep

Yeah! There is something about this girl
She is not of this world
Something so beautiful so unique
So secret so precious and yet meek

She has a wand in her hand
To spread out an atmosphere of gay
Anyone who comes across her
Will never forget that precious day

So kind, so gentle
A heart of a mother
So sweet, Princess fettle
But beware when she roars a little

She is of the wild alright
She must be thus unique
But when she forgets who she is
Her God She must seek

He knitted her together
Breathed life in her
She is best of His creation
So precious, that he loves her so much

Let her look to him
When she finds no one else
Let she look to him
Even for simple things…

*Gladwin Manuel*

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